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Why I Became a Financial Planner

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I opened my CPA firm in 1989 (think pre-personal computer). At first, I didn't prepare a lot of tax returns. I primarily provided outside controller and other accounting services, but this quickly developed into my tax practice as my clients began to request that I also prepare their tax returns.

Over the years, I shared offices with several financial planners. There were a few things I appreciated about these Financial Planners.

First, I noticed that the clients did not seem stressed about the meetings they were having with their advisers. It was clear that the clients enjoyed their meetings with the investment advisers more than they enjoyed their income tax meetings.

Second, I liked how the advisers took a more holistic approach with their clients. I liked the idea that if I was their financial planner I could not only help my clients save on taxes, but I could also help them plan for their retirement, their kids' college education and even provide estate planning.

But, I also observed that some of the planners were not acting in the best interest of our shared clients. They were charging my clients investment commissions of 5% or more up front. Then, they would move their money from one investment to another on a regular basis, just because they could keep earning commissions. I thought that I could offer a better experience for my clients.

Because of this, in 2002 I obtained my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and became a Dimensional Funds approved adviser. This allowed me to:

  1. Provide Fee Only investing for my clients - NO COMMISSIONS.

  2. Help each of my clients create personalized financial plans to reach their specific goals.

  3. Combine my experience and knowledge as both a CPA and a CFP® to most benefit my clients entire financial life.

Call my office for a Complimentary Consultation if you think I may be able to help you with your finances. I would be happy to talk with you.

The above is considered to be general tax/financial information and is not intended to be used as tax/financial advice. If you believe that any of the above applies to you, please consult with a tax or financial professional. See our Legal Statement.

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