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Our clients in the tech & biotech fields find that our combination of tax and financial planning expertise is especially helpful in creating strategies that address the various and challenging issues that are unique to their industry.

Our Process

Our process begins with a 30 minute complimentary meeting to see if your needs and our services are a good match. If the match is right, we then begin customizing your personal plan to meet your financial goals, provide for your future, and give you that peace of mind you desire.

Stock Option Management


At Clearview Financial we specialize in helping employees maximize the value of their equity compensation.  We do this by using technology that analyzes employee stock option holdings and determines the most timely, effective, and profitable exercising decisions. 

about us

Clearview Financial specializes in helping Biotech and Technology professionals manage the financial opportunities unique to their industries. We accomplish this by developing comprehensive financial plans that may include stock option management, investment management, as well as tax, retirement, college and estate planning.


We are a Fee-Only financial planning firm, which means we are paid directly by our clients, and never accept any commissions based on financial product sales. This ensures our fiduciary responsibility to our clients, meaning their interests and objectives are always foremost and reflected in any investment strategies we design for them.



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