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Retirment Distribution Planning

The evidence is clear: retirees rarely run out of money. Instead, they adjust over time, spending more when they can and less when they must.  The real questions are how likely is it that you will need to take a pay cut, how large could it be, when might it occur, and how long could it last?

To solve for this we use a strategy called Dynamic Retirement Income Planning, which is a total-risk-based guardrail approach to build sophisticated, customized plans for how you will adjust your spending as circumstances change. We continuously test these plans against current conditions and alert you when your plan calls for a change.

See below for an example of a retirement income report we give to our clients

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 11.09.36 AM.png

Tax Smart Planning

 Deciding how best to source portfolio withdrawals involves accounting for a full range of tax effects and a wide range of withdrawal strategies.

We use specialized software that is able to quickly evaluate the tax consequences of strategies like bracket management and tax-ordering (e.g., Taxable -> Tax Deferred -> Tax Free), including all planned cash flows (Social Security, pensions, investment income, portfolio withdrawals) and their differential tax treatment, and produces simple, digestible data to help you make informed decisions.

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