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  • Investment Management

  • Equity Compensation Management

  • Retirement Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • College Planning

Minimum Investment: $375,000

Equity Compensation Planning

  • For those who only want equity compensation planning service



  • An initial meeting where we will discuss your current situation and what actions, if any, you should immediately make.

  • We will then take a deep dive into analyzing all of your equity compensation plans (ISO’s, NQSO’s, SAR’s, ESPP’s, RSU’s, etc.) and develop a strategy to minimize your tax consequences and maximize the value of these plans.

  • We will set up “triggers” for when you should exercise your stock options.

  • The triggers will be continuously monitored and an email will be sent to you the moment a trigger is hit.  

  • You will receive access to your stock option monitoring portal.

  • We will send you Quarterly Reports and meet at least annually to discuss your current situation and what actions should be taken for the year.

To see an example of the reports we provide and the information located in your portal, please click on the link below:

Summary Report for "John Smith" 


One Time Start-Up Cost: $495

Monthly Fee: $95