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Investment Managment

Our investment management service allows you the freedom to enjoy your financial success, and have peace of mind that your investments are in the right hands even in volatile markets.  We create a custom-tailored plan to fit your risk tolerance and specific financial situation. Our investment strategy is to achieve tax-efficient, long-term capital appreciation, and we accomplish this goal by utilizing Dimensional Funds.


Mark Young is one of a select number of advisors approved to offer Dimensional Funds, which use an investment strategy that is backed by decades of empirical Nobel Prize-winning research.

To learn more about Dimensional Funds click here.


Equity Compensation Management

Corporations in the Biotech and Technology fields often distribute equity compensation to their employees.  Creating a plan and receiving guidance from Clearview Financial can help you make the correct decisions to maximize the value of your equity compensation and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

We use technology that alerts you when it is the best time to exercise your options.  This technology uses algorithms that measure the current value as well as the potential future value remaining in your stock options and uses these values to give us a metric of the potential risk and reward of your options.


Mark Young also uses his knowledge as a CPA to help you make the most tax-efficient guidance when it comes to maximizing the value of your equity compensation. 


Retirement Planning

Clearview Financial provides you with the guidance for a long and financially sound retirement.  We utilize technology that allows us to give you a clear view of how you can plan to meet your financial needs, goals, and dreams in retirement.  


Mark Young’s unique experience as a CPA and CFP also gives him the knowledge to provide you with the most tax-efficient strategies for today and tomorrow.


Tax Planning

We can assist our clients through complicated and often difficult tax situations.  Clients who are faced with issues such as large stock option gains, sales of rental properties or any other unique financial situation, will benefit from Mark's experienced tax planning process to make the best financial decision possible.


If you are interested in tax preparation services, please follow the link to Mark Young’s tax preparation and planning.


Estate Planning

We can help to see that your wishes are fulfilled in passing on your wealth to your heirs.  Although the estate planning limit has been increased, there are still unique situations that require advance planning. We can help you plan properly to accomplish your goals.


College Planning

Mark has two children attending University and one 2016 graduate who now has an awesome position in her field here in San Diego.  Because of my years of experience in planning for my own kids’ education, I believe that I can better guide you through the process. I’d like to assist you with your goal of helping your children obtain the college education they desire.