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Other Planning Areas

We help our clients with many other areas of financial planning including:

Stock Option Planning:

Employees in the Biotech and Technology fields often receive some form of equity compensation including ISO’s, NQSO’s, RSU’s, or ESPP’s. These types of plans come with huge wealth creation opportunities, but also huge risks. If you work with us, we can help you maximize the after-tax value of these plans, while also managing the substantial risks. 

Managing your stock options can be very emotional. That’s why we use technology that helps us create an objective strategy to determine when to exercise your options. The technology uses algorithms that measure the current value as well as the potential future value remaining in your stock options and uses these values to give us a metric of the potential risk and reward of your options. These values are tracked in real-time and automatically notify us when our parameters have been met. We then combine this knowledge with information on your current tax situation to determine a tax-efficient strategy to maximize the value of your options.

We can help you answer questions such as:

  • When should I exercise my options?

  • What is the risk and possible reward of waiting to exercise?

  • After I exercise my options should I sell them right away or hold onto the stock?

  • Are there tax advantages to holding the stock?

  • I’ve heard about Alternative Minimum Tax(AMT) when exercising ISO’s. How do I avoid paying that?

  • How many ISO’s can I exercise in one year without paying AMT?

  • Should I hold onto my ESPP purchases or sell them? How do I save on taxes?

  • When should I sell my RSU’s?

  • What is the total potential value of equity compensation I would lose if I left my company early?

  • What role do my options play in reaching my financial goals?

  • What percentage of my net worth is in my company stock?

  • What is the after-tax value of my options and RSU’s?

Estate Planning:

We can help to see that your wishes are fulfilled in passing on your wealth to your heirs. Although the estate planning limit has been increased, there are still unique situations that require advanced planning. We can help you plan properly to accomplish your goals.

College Planning:

We can help you choose the smartest and most efficient strategies for funding your children's or grandchildren's education.    We'd like to assist you with your goal of helping your children obtain the college education they desire without graduating with the burden of thousands of dollars on student loans.

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