1.  We meet with you to get to know you and your particular lifestyle and financial needs. Only then can we help you to create a detailed financial plan specific to you and your family. Your personalized plan can help you to:


  • Make sure that your retirement benefits will last your lifetime

  • Maximize the value of your stock options and equity compensation

  • Get the most from your Social Security benefits

  • Make sure you have enough set aside for your children's college education

  • Plan for the distribution of your assets to your heirs


2.  Secondly, we help you implement your plan. This may involve setting up and investing for both retirement and college accounts, and working with your estate planning attorney so that they prepare a plan that truly works toward your goals.


3.  Finally, we will meet with you at least semi-annually to review your plan and help you adjust your plan to your life and financial changes.

Our Process

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