Our Process

Get To Know You Meeting

30 minutes to get to know you. What are your biggest financial obstacles? Which strategic priorities need your attention right now? What questions do you have about us and our services? In this meeting, we assess whether we will be a good fit and whether we can help you reach your goals.

Discovery Meeting

We take a deeper dive to learn about your goals and challenges. We delve into the details and give you some high-level solutions that you can take home with you. We answer any further questions you might have and decide whether we would be a good fit working together moving forward.

Get Organazied Meeting

Congrats for coming on board! We are excited to start working with you. Our team will leap into action to make sure we gather information as quickly and efficiently as possible. This includes a meeting where we help you track down and organize any financial documents we may need. We will be working behind the scenes to set up all of your investment accounts, client portals, stock option monitoring accounts, etc. 


Deep-Dive Financial Planning Meeting

This is where the fun starts. An in-depth conversation about your goals, vision for your retirement, and current obstacles. Our goal is to gather all the information we need to begin working on your financial plan. You should expect to walk away with a clear view of what you are trying to achieve in your financial future. 


Meeting to Present Financial Plan

A meeting to present your retirement plan.  We will discuss whether you are currently on track to meet your financial goals and what changes we recommend you make right now to increase your chance of success of having the retirement that you dream of.  If you have equity compensation from your company this is where we discuss how your grants fit into your financial plan and what actions you should take right now and over the next few months.


Implementation, Monitoring, and Updating

We guide you every step of the way to implement the changes we recommend.  We have at least bi-annual meetings to update your financial plan and add any changes to your financial situation or goals for retirement. If you receive equity compensation, we monitor your grants and options 24/7 and meet with you periodically to discuss when you should exercise your options or other actions you should take.